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Clinic Animals

Throughout the years we have aquired quite a few clinic pets. Whether they were left at our front door, surrendered to us, or came to us as sickly babies...we continued to care for them like they were our own (and now they are). We would like to introduce the main crew that runs this facility (haha) because you will undoubtedly see a few running around during your visit with us.
Stevie Ray
,named after Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles, was born without any eyes. A local rescue picked her up and brought her to us to be evaluated. Stevie acclimated well to her surroundings in the clinic so we decided she needed to stay.
came to us as a sick little kitten. We nurtured him until he was well, but after that...everybody fell in love with his wild personality.
Penelope "Nelly" a.k.a. Nells Bells
was found under the hood of a truck. She had been badly cut by the truck's fan belt and needed immediate attention. She sustained minor brain damage, and in doing so, lives with controlled seizures. Nelly is partially blind, as well, which causes her to chase imaginary "bugs".
Fish a.k.a. Feeshou Tawadda
the newest member of the Bossier Animal Hospital team. She is a two-legged cat that will never learn to slow down. If you ever hear loud meows coming from the back of the clinic, that's our girl! She needs all the love and if she doesn't feel she is getting it then she will be sure to let you know.
Jordi a.k.a. JoJo
is from Nevis, the sister island of St. Kitts. Dr. Ford brought Jordi back with her to be a blood donor for the clinic, but a work-up revealed several tick borne diseases. Jordi has since been treated for said diseases and is now cleared to be a blood donor. He loves to save lives.
One of our employee's family members brought Treble in as a stray. She had sustained injuries to her left rear leg causing her to need a limb amputation procedure. Treble was a little shy when she came to us so we felt she might need a little extra TLC prior to being put up for adoption. Turns out...she fits right in around here.
Ellie Sue
came to us from an older couple that could no longer care for her. If you ever hear screeching or whistling from the back of the building....that's our Ellie Sue. She also likes to imitate the phone ringer.
came in as a stray with a hurt leg. Keepers had a broken femoral head so we had to do an FHO procedure. A couple of years later, Keepers was attacked by a dog in the front lobby of our clinic. He sustained minor injuries, but to this day...he's still a little weary of the canine persuasion.
Loomis, Doyle, Benny, & Joon
They were born in St. Kitts and acquired their airline junior wings to come live with us. They have matured from the size of a silver dollar to the size of a football, and are expected to grow in the diameter of 16"-18". These guys have the capability to live beyond 50 years.
Frank & Sara
On most occasions, when a turtle is purchased from a pet store, the proper feeding guide and climate control are not discussed. With this being the case, Dr. Ford felt is necessary to purchase Frank & Sara and give them the life they deserve as well-cared for turtles. Frank can be a little ornery at times, but he sure does love his Sara.
Archie was found in the middle of an intersection after being hit by a car. Luckily, Archie survived the hit without any major medical issues, however, It took him several weeks to acclimate to human companionship. Archie now lives here at Bossier Animal Hospital with his best buddy, Jordi.

Gauge was found wandering the road. When he came to us he was extremely emaciated, heartworm positive, full of intestinal parasites, and very ill-mannered. We searched for Gauge's previous home to no avail. He has been treated for all ailments, has put on a healthy weight, and now lives with us as part of our support team.